Time Management A-Z: Ultimate Productivity Skills Workshop

Time Management A-Z
Learn how to analyze yourself with a personal SWOT analysis to find both favorable and unfavorable factors created by your cognitive fallacies


  • First; learn how to analyze yourself with a personal SWOT analysis to find both favorable and unfavorable factors created by your cognitive fallacies.
  • Learn to make more money, get promoted faster, or get better grades by identifying the right 20% percent of tasks that brbring0% of all results with Pareto Analysis.
  • Learn how to discipline your task management priorities with the Eisenhower matrix and plan with no stress.
  • Learn how to minimize the impact of internal & external disruptions on your concentration and workflow with the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Learn how to set a time limit to complete any task, so as not to fill the time available for its completion with Parkinson’s Law
  • Learn how to divide your day into blocks of time to fulfill a specific group of tasks easily with the time blocking method.


Life is short and we all have 24 hours a day as humans. Also, time does not care about your degree of success, intelligence, richness, talent, or fame; It treats equally to everyone. That’s why time is the most valuable asset in the world and YOU have to learn how to protect your most valuable asset.

Time management is about using the right techniques blended with effective personal habits. İf you learn the techniques, but can not control your habits; no one else can be responsible for your time-wasting behaviors. That’s why time management starts from learning what cognitive fallacies are.

In this lecture we will be talking about basic to advanced time management techniques, real-life tips distilled from experience and productivity strategies that guarantee that you get things done with no stress. And after that you will never say one of the following:

  • I am always busy,
  • I don’t have time,
  • I am not happy with my life under this workload,
  • I don’t feel I have achieved anything for a long time,
  • I cannot control my life,
  • Wish I had more than 24 hours to get things done,
  • Lost my contact with my social life…

When you finish Time Management A-Z: Ultimate Productivity Skills Workshop, you will learn:

  • To write down your action plan with battle-tested workshop tools
  • To set new extraordinary goals and have the energy to finish all of them 4X times faster
  • Fantastic skills to conquer procrastination and be easy for creating to-do lists
  • To boost your productivity by just saying “No!”
  • To concentrate on any task without the hassle
  • Time management habits that carry out top-level productivity levers
  • In short: Accomplish the right thing at the right moment: Every day!

Please note; that as time management becomes the most important soft skill in the 4th industrial evolution era; this course is also for anyone who needs to be ready for the near future. Without knowing time management techniques; generations “X” & “Y” and “Z” will have a hard time adapting industry 4.0 capabilities.

To solve this new problem; the course also includes an Udemy time management course first: a special template pack added to the last section of the course. This part contains ready-made forms to help you on your daily, monthly, and even yearly to-do lists on different topics!. This part would easily be used by teachers, coaches, and company training officers as a part of their training! In fact; this part will save you time every day, even years after you finish this course. This pack includes 15 ready-made templates for general purposes. Here’s the list:

  1. Daily Planner
  2. Daily Schedule
  3. Daily Goals
  4. Daily To-Do List
  5. Weekly Planner
  6. Weekly Schedule
  7. Weekly Goals
  8. Weekly To-Do List
  9. Monthly Planner
  10. 1Monthly Schedule
  11. Monthly Goals
  12. Monthly To-Do List
  13. General Goal-Setter Template
  14. Habit Tracker
  15. Note Papers


-This course is designed for leaders, executives, project managers, employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students who want to accomplish more with less effort in their careers.

-This course is also intended to save time for teachers, coaches, and employers who need to teach time management to their coaches, students, and employees with no compromise.

-Anyone who becomes digital nomad during the Covid-19 era and has problems in goal setting, focusing on their strategies, and getting poor results in their professional careers and social lives.

-In fact, anyone who procrastinates because of feeling burdened by being “busy” every day and cannot unlock their full potential in their business (and social) lives would better get this course.

Who Management A-z: Ultimate Productivity Skills Workshop is for:

  • Individuals of all education levels who have problems with time management or who want to learn more.
  • Individuals with different life purposes like executives, students, entrepreneurs, team members, family members, procrastinators, and so on.[ps2id id=’download’ target=”/]


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