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learn wordpress gutenberg block editor course

[Download] Design your website's theme as well as your posts and pages using the Gutenberg Editor's Full Site Editing feature...

Gutenberg was launched as an incorporated part of WordPress 5.0, replacing the Classic WYSIWYG editor as the new default WordPress block editor. 

The Gutenberg editor is such an important update from the Classic editor that many WordPress developers absolutely refused to even learn how to use it, especially when it was declared that the Classic Editor would continue to exist for an unspecified while.

What You'll Learn From Learn Wordpress Gutenberg Block Editor Course

  • How to use Gutenberg block editor to create content on website posts and pages.
  • Learn about all the Gutenberg blocks to use for content creation.
  • An introduction to Becoming a web designer using the Gutenberg Full Site Editing.
  • Learn How to create your first page using Gutenberg editor blocks.
I've been using the Gutenberg editor for about 6 months now, and I've changed my mind from being a non-supporter to a fan. It must be said that the Gutenberg editor is a huge time saver, with a variety of built-in design options. In other words, you wouldn't need any coding skills to create compelling pages and posts using Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is the WordPress pre-installed editor you use to create content for your WordPress website's pages and posts. There are blocks for headers, images, and text blocks. Gutenberg comes with customizable blocks for just about anything you may want to add to a web page or post. 

You can easily create your posts and pages using the Gutenberg editor's drag-and-drop feature. Just drag the blocks on and around the editor. Your WordPress theme handles other site elements, like the header and footer areas, as you build content for your web pages and posts.

WordPress 5.9 includes the biggest ever update to the Gutenberg editor. Full Site Editing (FSE) is now possible, which means you can use Gutenberg to create and edit website content, as well as design website headers and footers. This is a great opportunity to take control of your website's design.

In Learn Wordpress Gutenberg Block Editor course:
  • An overview of Gutenberg editor.
  • A detailed look at the Gutenberg editor's most important blocks.
  • Follow along and practice by yourself to create a basic page or post which is Full Site Editing compatible. Also, take the time to learn about templates and template importance to speed up and optimize webpage creation and overall theme function.
At the end of this course, you'll be confident enough to easily design your own compelling website using Gutenberg. You'll be able to design headers, footers, and website content with ease, and you'll be well on your way to mastering Full Site Editing.

The Gutenberg Editor is the future of web page content management using WordPress, and it's happening right now! This Editor is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press in the 15th century, and it is designed to make creating content on WordPress much easier and more efficient.

With Gutenberg, you can easily create and edit your content in blocks, which makes it much simpler to format and rearrange your content. There are many different types of blocks available, including ones for paragraphs, images, lists, and more. You can even create custom blocks for things like call-to-action buttons or forms.

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